Saturday, 18 February 2017

Tasmanian Devils and Honeybrown Beetles

1. Tasmanian Devils Relaxing and Lazing Around ( Sarcophilus harrisii )

A while back uploaded a video of Tasmanian Devils fighting and feeding.
 (Here's the link: )

This video shows them relaxing and lazing around. Many of my videos are filmed "in the wild" so I need to mention that these were filmed at a wildlife park. Wild Tasmanian Devils are nocturnal however they do occasional take in the sun in forest clearings just like these ones.

( Tasmaninan Devil  - Click the play button)

2.  Honeybrown Beetle (Ecnolagria grandis)
This is the Honeybrown Beetle (Ecnolagria grandis) The following notes are from an old blog post of mine back in 2008.
The majority of Tenebrionids feed on dead plant material and fungi and many books and web sites say that E. grandis is also such a scavenger. Personally I had always assumed they were leaf eaters as I usually find them on a variety of native plants, especially on Eucalypts. Confused, I searched for more information and I found the paper listed below. This clearly states that they feed on fresh leaves of a variety of plants including, Brachychiton, and Leptospermum. While beetles were found on Eucalyptus spp, no mention is made of Eucalyptus being part of their diet so I will have to observe more closely the Honeybrown Beetles in my backyard. At least it confirms that they do in fact feed on living leaves. The adults of this species are short lived. Most of their life is spent in the larval stage underground. Perhaps it is at this stage that they feed on leaf litter.

(Honeybrown Beetle - Click the play button)

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  • Hawkeswood T.J. & Turner J. R. (2003) Some notes on the biology, host plants and occurrence of the Australian lagrid beetle Ecnolagria grandis (Gyllenhal, 1817) (Coleoptera: Lagriidae). Spilopyra, 4: 1-3.


  1. Hello, more wonderful videos. The Tasmanian Devils are cute critters.Well done capturing the beetle. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Great info on these lovely creatures. The little devils always bring to mind the cartoon 'Tas' but these are much cuter than he was!

    1. Thanks. Yes very cute until feeding time :-)

  3. Devils are great - feel lucky yo have seen them in the past, before the cancer set in.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne