Saturday, 25 February 2017

Australian Pelicans and a Lizard Ambushing a Beetle

1. Australian Pelicans (Pelecanus conspicillatus)

The Australian Pelican  is found in Australia and New Guinea, They occasionally turn up as a vagrant in New Zealand and parts of Indonesia. They have the largest bill of any bird measuring from 40 cm - 50 cm. They have a wingspan of 2.3 m - 2.5 m. Their diet is primarily fish. In Tasmania they do not occur in large numbers as they do on the mainland. These ones were filmed at Scamander and St Helens on the east coast of Tasmania.

( Astralian Pelican  - Click the play button)

2.  Lizard Ambushes Beetle -White's Skink (Egernia whitii) - 
 The White's Skink (Egernia whitii) is generally an ambush hunter. The one in this video is quite a young and small lizard. As I was watching, it made several attempts to catch passing prey. It lunged at a large fly which got away. It leapt upwards at a passing bee. A piece of fluffy material blown by the wind was caught, but the lizard soon realised it was not food. (you can see this fluffy object in the video) Next a beetle (a weevil) came by and this time I had the camera set up. The beetle seems to have had a previous injury. I have no idea what the story is. It looked to me like it had been in a spiders web at some point. The skink soon noticed the passing beetle and you can see it creep out from it's tunnel and then charge at the beetle, bowling it over. It gets quite graphic after that. I take no pleasure at seeing the beetle being eaten but at the same time I am in awe at the  amazing world of wildlife that exists in our own backyards. Many people would not have even spotted this lizard let alone this encounter with the beetle. So, find a quiet spot, sit still, be patient, and you never know what amazing things you might see in your own backyard.

(Lizard Ambushes Beetle - Click the play button)

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  1. Hello, these are both wonderful videos. I have always loved seeing the pelicans. Cute capture of the lizard, all the critter have to eat. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Exceptional work done on the videos!!!

  3. ...wonderful videos, I need to learn how to do one.

  4. ...wonderful videos, I need to learn how to do one.

  5. Yes the videos are lovely, I like the Pelicans so much! Interesting blog as well.

  6. Wow! You sure get to see lots of great critters! These are awesome, as usual.

  7. great video of the lizard :) Thanks for sharing.

  8. Despite have lots of pictures already, I always take more of pelicans. What great birds.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne