Friday, 6 January 2017

Australian Fur Seals, a Magpie, and a Cactus Flower Time Lapse

1. Australian Fur Seals (Arctocephalus pusillus) at Stanley

At Stanley in Tasmania there is a small rocky island known as Bull rock. It is a haul-out or resting spot for hundreds of Australian fur seals. We went on the Stanley Seal Cruise to get a closer look.

( Australian Fur Seals - Click the play button)

2. Australian (Tasmanian) Mapie (Cracticus tibicen hypoleuca)
There are thought to be nine subspecies of the Australian magpie. The subspecies once known as the White-backed magpie has itself been split into five. According to Wikipedia, Cracticus tibicen hypoleuca now refers to a small white-backed subspecies with a short compact bill and short wings, found on King and Flinders Islands, as well as Tasmania. Some refer to this as the Tasmanian Magpie.

(Tasmanian Magpie - Click the play button)

3. Time Lapse of a Cactus Flower Opening

This is my first attempt at a flower time lapse. The cactus is, I believe, Echinopsis schickendantzii. If you are not into flowers then you may enjoy watching the caterpillar at the left. I didn't notice it until I watched the video :-)  This is the same cactus that I posted a couple of weeks ago. It got a second lot of flowers so I thought I'd try and get a time lapse. I learned a lot along the way like making sure I have a spare battery charged up :-)

  (Cactus Time Lapse - Click the play button)

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  1. Pretty bird!!! And that cactus

  2. Loved the video of Bull Rock - the intro showing the zooming in to it was helpful to know exactly where it was. So many seals! Got a real sense of being on the boat too. I also really liked the scenery when coming back in to land. Well done!
    Also enjoyed seeing the Tassie Magpie. I study ours here in SE Gippsland (to paint) and they're very similar.
    The cactus flowers opening were brilliant - so interesting to watch. Yes, I saw the caterpillar too... and the tiny insect on a petal of the top flower, just for a moment.
    A great post, thank you :D)

  3. Hello, I love seeing the seal rock. The seals are cool critters. The Magpie is a beautiful bird. Pretty cactus blooms. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Your videos are great. Loved the one of the Magpie - a very handsome little fellow. Thank you for all the time you put into making your nature movies.

  5. The three videos were fascinating. The fur seals are very different from any seals I've seen in BC. Much more prominent flippers, more time on their side with the flipper up, and the ability to rise out of the water and flip over - all behaviours we wouldn't see here. Love magpies and especially liked that I got to hear this one's song. As for the time lapse, it was wonderful. The caterpillar was entertaining and the opening cactus flower mesmerizing. I've never attempted a time lapse but I'm somewhat inspired after seeing yours. :)

  6. Enjoyed the boat trip & the seals video Alan. I've always loved Magpies (but NOT the AFL team of the same name) & your timelapse was wonderful, very beautiful flowers.

  7. Your videos are so great! That cactus is awesome!

  8. I like your magpie. It is more sturdy then ours :)