Thursday, 11 August 2016

Nature of Tasmania - Videos

Hi folks! Remember me?  Oh...  I didn't think so :-) Unfortunately, I rarely have the time to post here these days however I do occasionally post a few short videos on YouTube.  Below are a few examples.  If you are interested, follow the link for more:

Guide Falls, Ridgley, Tasmania

Musk Ducks at Narawntapu National Park

A little snow at Lake Kara

Awesome View of a Platypus

Mini Lop Eared Rabbit Having Kittens

The Moon - Shot with a Canon 7D and a 10 inch Sky-watcher Telescope


  1. Huh!!! 'Course I remember - and the more recent posting I remember of yours was some fantastic video of a platypus - don't remember though if it is the same one you linked here. Thanks for the link to your youtube videos. If/when you have time I would like to hear if you simply have very steady hands or do you use a very good tripod arrangement?

    1. Hi Mick! - Well I do have a good tripod but more often than not I end up just leaning against a tree or sitting the camera on a rock etc :-)