Friday, 2 April 2010

The Wombat Pool

My last post was on Lake Lilla. A little further up hill from here you will find a glacial tarn known as the Wombat Pool. Ancient Pencil Pines (Athrotaxis laxifolia) reflecting in the still clear water makes for a very picturesque scene. The six photos below are my futile attempt to capture the beauty of this place.

(Click to enlarge)
#1 Pencil Pine Reflections





#6 Looking north from the Wombat Pool


  1. Why is it called the Wombat Pool? It is certainly a beautiful place.

  2. Thanks mick - If the amount of Wombat droppings on the track is anything to go by then it is a popular hangout for them. On a sign at the main car park someone has scratched out the letter 'L' so the sign reads something like "Marion's lookout via Wombat Poo" which is quite appropriate :-)