Monday, 19 April 2010

White-bellied Sea-eagle Pays a Visit

.....Haliaeetus leucogaster

The White-bellied Sea Eagles often fly over my place but very rarely land. I was quite chuffed the other day when one circled around the hill and then came down and perched in a tree on the hill behind the house. I had to be content with not walking up the hill for an even closer look. Thus, the photos are quite heavily cropped and are not too good in quality but I'm very happy to have seen this magnificent bird at fairly close range.

(Click to enlarge)
White-bellied Sea-eagle - Haliaeetus leucogaster

White-bellied Sea-eagle - Haliaeetus leucogaster

...and of it flies.


  1. They are magnificent looking birds. Nice that one sat that close for a while at least. I like the photo as it's flying off - the color and wing-spread are beautiful.

  2. Don't worry they are all very beautiful photos.

  3. Hi Mosura.
    You are lucky that you have Sea Eagles in your area, and land there too.
    I get Wedgies occasionally.
    But I do have a favourite liking for Sea Eagles.

  4. All it wanted was a tin of sardines!

  5. Thanks Mick - I nearly didn't post that last photo as I wasn't sure that I like it.

    Thanks Neil - Glad you like them. The small versions look better than the larger versions. I just wish I could have got a bit closer to get more detail.

    Thanks Denis - I certainly count myself lucky. We get Wedgies too but not nearly as often as the White bellied Sea Eagles.

    Thanks Tony - If only I'd realised :-) It certainly wouldn't have trouble opening the tin.