Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Lake Lea and the Vale of Belvoir

On the way home from Cradle Mountain I made a detour to see Lake Lea and the Vale of Belvoir. It was cloudy with some very light drizzle but it made for some atmospheric photos. The grasslands here are natural, the valley having been treeless since the last ice age. Home to the Ptunarra Brown Butterfly as well as many rarer, lime loving herbaceous plants, the area is definitely on my list of places to explore more fully. For now I shall be content with these photos. I find the last photo somewhat reminiscent of Scotland.

P.S. - Apparently bunyips were sighted here in 1873 and 1932 :-) Hopefully no one spotted me lurking around last week as I would hate to have triggered a fresh spate of sightings.

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