Friday, 16 April 2010

Fern Glade Fungi

In the last week or two I've photographed various fungi along the walking track at Fern Glade on the Emu River. Some I have put a name to but any suggestions or corrections are always welcome. My knowledge of fungi is a little lacking but I am always fascinated with the vast variety of colour and form.

(Click to enlarge)

#1 - Possibly the Weeping Polypore - Ryvardenia campyla or could it be Postia punctata ?

#2 - One of the Coral fungi - Ramaria flaccida

#3 - Unknown
The cap on this would only be around 7mm across. It was growing among leaf litter and debris below tree ferns.

#4 - Unknown

#5 - Cortinarius archeri

#6 - Russula sp.

The next four photos show various stages of the Beefsteak Fungus. These were growing on an old Eucalyptus stump.

#7 - Beefsteak Fungus - Fistulina hepatica
Early stage of the Beefsteak Fungus

#8 - Beefsteak Fungus - Fistulina hepatica
This is part of the same clump above 6 days later

#9 - Beefsteak Fungus - Fistulina hepatica
A more advanced specimen lower down on the same tree stump.

#10 - Beefsteak Fungus - Fistulina hepatica
This is the the same one as #9 photographed from above


  1. What a variety. I seldom see any but then I guess the edges of the bay or the seashore are not really the right places to look!

  2. Thanks mick - They can be pretty hard to spot from a kayak :-)

  3. What about the recipes?

  4. Thanks Tony - After you mate :-) I love the idea of learning which ones are edible but would never have the confidence to try them. I've read too many accounts of the experts ending up in hospital.

  5. Thank you for your comments on Maidens. I have only lived here for 4 months so still getting to know the place. Keep looking.

  6. You must really have had to search out some of those smaller fungi Alan. Great pictures. REally enjoyed seeing the progression of the Beefsteak fungus. Sorry I can't help with ID!

  7. Lovely collection, Mosura.
    I really like the purple Cortinarius. Possibly that is because it is one that one can positively identify.
    The little red Mycenae, and others are very trying for the non-expert (like me).
    I just fall in love with the varied "architecture" of Fungi.
    From Coral Fungi to Beefstakes - it is such a huge leap.
    Love them all.