Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Shoot for the Moon

I thought I'd try a moon shot with the new camera. I guess the moon belongs to Tasmanians as much as it does to any other people so one could argue that I'm technically still on topic :-) It's certainly the best moon shot I've managed to date.

Autofocus does not work too well on the moon and manual focus can be a bit tricky. The Canon 7D SLR allows you to use the LCD monitor to compose a photo like you can with compact cameras. It also allows you to zoom in on part of that composition which makes it much easier to focus manually.

To see the detail in this shot, be sure to view the full sized image.
Note: After clicking to view the image, your browser may still shrink the image to fit it on screen so you may need to click the image again to maximise it.

(Click to enlarge)
Earth's Moon
(Canon 7D, Canon 400mm f/5.6 L lens + 1.4x converter
ISO 200, White Balance 4000 Kelvin, f8, 1/250th, manual focus


  1. That's a wonderful shot of the moon. I am very envious of your camera! Just keep showing us the great photos you are taking so we can all enjoy them!!

  2. And it is a Blue Moon tonight.Great photo.

  3. Nice shot!
    Thanks for reminding me to head out tonight :)
    I dont think the clouds will do me any favours though.


  4. Excellent detail Mosura.

  5. Thanks Mick, Neil, Dave, & Calamanthus - I'm looking forward to trying again later in the months where there is more surface detail visible.