Monday, 29 March 2010

Grumpy and Chirpy

A couple of visitors to the backyard today. A reasonably chirpy looking male Superb Fairy-wren in full breeding splendor. I counted 7 in the flock today whereas I normally only see 5 or less. Only one male is still in breeding plumage while another has recently changed back to winter plumage.

(Click to enlarge)
Male Superb Fairy-wren singing - Malurus cyaneus

.....and a rather grumpy looking grasshopper.
Grasshopper ....looking rather glum
despite the recent rain and resulting fresh green grass shoots.

Lateral view of the grasshopper


  1. Seems grasshoppers, which should be chirpy, never look it. Who wouldn't be happy being a cute wren?

  2. Wow - amazing face on that grasshopper!

  3. Smart looking Fairywren (when arn't they!). Straight away, that Grasshopper face reminded me of an actor over here....Timothy Spall, do you know of him Alan?

  4. Thanks Tony, Mick, and Jenny - No I could place Timothy Spall so I looked him up. I see what you mean. Look at this photo:
    Click here