Saturday, 27 March 2010

Fairy-wren and Robin

After posting yesterday I took a few more shots out in the backyard. I was actually trying to photograph the silvereyes but they refused to cooperate. At least the Fairy-wrens are always obliging and a Scarlet Robin made a brief show as well.

(Click to enlarge)
Male Superb Fairy-wren singing - Malurus cyaneus

Male Superb Fairy-wren - Malurus cyaneus

Female Scarlet Robin - Petroica multicolor


  1. The pose in that first photo is great.If it wasn't coming around to autumn there, I'd almost think that was some sort of display posture!? I'm thinking you're liking your new toy Alan! (-:

  2. I especially like the little Wren. Just wish the Variegated Wrens up here would prove equally cooperative. They never seem to sit still for me.

  3. wow, I just love the first image with the wren singing. It´s perfect.:)

  4. Great photos wish we had the wren up this way.

  5. Thanks Jenny, Mick, NatureFootstep, and Neil -
    Regarding it being autumn, I've actually noticed both the fairywrens, and the grey fantails are acting as though it were spring chasing each other and attempting to mate.