Friday, 22 January 2010

Gunns Plains Cave

..... Limestone Cave

I haven't posted much of late. That's partly due to being busy and partly due to having broken my SLR camera. It seems the repair bill may be $300 or more so I taking my time deciding whether to repair or upgrade. In any case it meant that on a recent visit to Gunns Plains Cave I had to make do with a small compact camera. The images are not great but they at least give an idea of some of the magnificent formations within the cave. Some better quality shots can be seen in an older post here.

The public access to the cave takes you a little short of 300 metres in and to a depth of around 55 metres. Speleogists have mapped the cave to at least another 1 km.

In no particular order, here are the cave photos:

(Click on photos to enlarge)



#4 - Helectite



#7 - This shawl formation is reputed to be the largest in Australia



#10 - This stalactite looks like a giant uvula

#11 - The wedding cake. The dark areas are caused by bushfire smoke (possibly centuries ago) entering the cave.

#1 2 - The creek that flows through the cave.
Home to the Giant Tasmanian Crayfish which grows up to a metre in length.