Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A Glorious Day

We took our overseas visitor on a sightseeing trip the other day. While not specifically looking for wildlife, I did find a few things to photograph along the way.

First up I thought I'd share a photo that shows what glorious weather we've been enjoying here in the north-west of Tasmania.

(Click on photos to enlarge)
View from Table Cape to Rocky Cape.

The field in the foreground has a crop of Pyrethrum daisies, used for making organic pesticide. The whole district is dotted with fields of both Pyrethrum and Poppies at the moment. The beach and hoses in the middle distance is Boat Harbour. The headland in the distance is Rocky Cape which is mostly national park. Beyond Rocky Cape you might just be able to recognise "The Nut" at Stanley. You can just see it peaking through between the hills of Rocky Cape.

In a field near Stanley we came across four Purple Swamphens, two of which are shown below:

Adult Purple Swamphen (Porphyrio porphyrio)

Immature Purple Swamphen (Porphyrio porphyrio) - Note the dark bill.

At Rocky Cape I finally managed a reasonable shot of a Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo. There were ten of them in heathland near the lighthouse. By walking down the "North Cave" track I managed to get right in among them. Unfortunately it was getting late and dull and I could only get around 1/60th second shutter speeds while hand holding a 560mm telephoto lens. (Not recommended). Thus most of the shots were rather blurry but this one just made it into the "keepers" bundle.
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus funereus)

While walking along the path little moths were taking flight as I brushed past the bushes. Watching one to see where it landed allowed me to get the following photo.
Moth (family: Oecophoridae )


  1. Stunning clear air there, Alan.
    Lovely scenic shot.
    So glad you got your Black Cocky image - (without pain this time).

  2. Thanks Denis - Yep - no ant bites or flat batteries this time. Still got the cloudy skies though :-)

  3. Beautiful scenery - that's a very pretty part of the coast. Nice photos of the birds too.

  4. Beautiful scenery on what looks to be a gorgeous blue sky day! Love your YBBCocky photo. I never did get a decent photo when I was over as they seemed quite shy, staying well in amongst the foliage.

  5. Can't fool us up in the warm north. That's snow on the grass, not daisies. We know your Tassie tricks to lure us south to frostbitten deaths :-) Great work on HH cocky shot!

  6. Thanks Mick - Yes it is a nice bit of coast.

    Thanks Jenny - Yes I've has a bit of bother getting a shot too as you can see here.

    Thanks Tony - I don't mind everyone thinking it's miserable down here as it means we get it all to ourselves :-)

  7. such beautiful birds you have captured.

    Is Tasmania as cold in winter as Sweden? I know South island of NZ might be.

  8. Thanks NatureFootstep - Tasmania is cold by Australian standards but nowhere near as cold as Sweden. I lived in Scotland for 8 years and Tasmania is much warmer than Scotland. We do get snow here but it is extremely rare at sea level.