Thursday, 17 December 2009

Cicadas of Tasmania

Two other bloggers have recently posted on cicadas (here and here) so I thought I'd keep the theme going by posting some photos of a couple of local ones. For the benefit of those doing Google searches for Tasmanian cicadas I have also included a list below of all the species which can be found in this state.

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White Flash Cicada ( Cicadetta torrida )

Yellow-spot Cicada ( Diemeniana euronotiana )

Yellow-spot Cicada ( Diemeniana euronotiana )

In the three and a half years I've been back in Tassie these are the only two species I've seen although I must admit I haven't been actively searching for them. The White Flash Cicada came to the Mercury Vapour light at night and the Yellow-spot Cicada I just stumbled upon.

Two species is not much but it sounds better when you consider there are only eight species found in Tasmania.

Tasmanian Cicada Checklist

Cicadas belong to the order Hemiptera and the family Cicadidae.

Subfamily: Cicadinae

  • Psaltoda moerens

Subfamily: Tibicininae

  • Cicadetta abdominalis
  • Cicadetta spreta
  • Cicadetta torrida
  • Diemeniana euronotiana
  • Diemeniana hirsuta
  • Diemeniana tillyardi
  • Pauropsalta encaustica



  1. I have noticed the current cicada trend. You know it's Christmas when...

  2. Hi Mosura
    Yes, it is contagious.
    I went to a look out today, and down below the cliffs, in the all Eucalypts, the Cicadas were buzzing their wings off.
    Glad I could turn around and leave them to it, actually.
    Your Cicadas look quite delicate.