Friday, 6 November 2009

Really Bad Whale Photos

.....but I like them because they are the first I've managed to get :-)

Yesterday I spotted another Humpback whale and its calf from the backyard. Of course this may be the same individuals that were here last week. Humpbacks migrate southward at this time of year. While many head straight down the east coast, some come into Bass Strait to feed and play.

These photos are probably deserving of some kind of award as the worst whale shots on the Net but for now they are all I have managed to get. These ones were much further out than last weeks whales ( at least 2 km I'd say) but wanting to try out my new teleconverter I decided to have a go. They were not breaching this time either so there was not a lot to focus on. In any case at least I know that next time they come in closer to shore I have a reasonable chance of getting some better photos.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

You can see the calf in this one on the right

Mum's flukes and the calf on the right

Note the small dorsal fin of a Humpback

Both whales are in this shot but I'm not sure which bit is what :-)


  1. I would think that any whale photos would have to be GOOD whale photos. Your teleconverter is doing a great job. Hope the whales come in closer for you next time.

  2. Thanks Mick - Yes you're right and all the more so when you can take them without leaving home :-)

  3. My kind of whale watching from dry land.

  4. Better than any Whale photos I have managed (nil).
    Its always worth having a go!

  5. Just spent 10 days in Eden (Vic) and have some much worse photos of Whales!! Aren't they SPECTACULAR to see though, at any distance!