Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Mothing - 16th / 17th November

.....Nothing Much to See Here
.....Mothing - Much to See Here

Eight species came to the trap last night not including numerous little micros which were unphotographable, unidentifiable and not all that unforgettable.

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Noctuidae: Hecatesia fenestrata
These are known as the Whistling moth. This one is a female.

Noctuidae: Hecatesia fenestrata
Lateral view of the Whistling Moth

Geometridae: Hypobapta percomptaria
This individual is lighter than the ones I usually see around here.

Geometridae: Hypobapta percomptaria
The moth obligingly crawled onto my finger and then onto a piece of glass enabling me to get a clear ventral view.

Geometridae: Gastrina cristaria

Noctuidae: Persectania ewingii

Other moths that came to the light last night include Agrotis infusa (The Bogong), Pantydia diemeni, Acyphas semiochrea and Plutella xylostella.


  1. Hecatesia fenestrata is a smart looking moth, Mosura.

    Nice captures.

    I told you my Hypobapta percomptaria would be darker than yours!! :-)

  2. Here's an even darker vision. I'm not paranoid, but ... evil ID thieves of the future will be targeting those showing moths - on their finger(prints). I'm not sure I'm even joking!

  3. Thanks JL - Is it going to rain tonight? :-)

    Thanks Tony - Scary thought! If I get framed I'll tell 'em it was the moth.