Thursday, 26 November 2009

Brush-tailed Possum Joey

.....Trichosurus vulpecula

As I walked up the backyard to check the moth trap last night there were at least 8 Tasmanian pademelons (Thylogale billardierii) and one Waskily wabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) busily mowing my lawn. Then I spotted this Brush-tailed Possum with it's joey on her back. The possums here are not tame as they are in some places so she wasn't going to allow me to have a clear view. The mum took to hiding in the dense foliage but I don't think she realised that the poor old joey was left out in the open.

This one would be from 4 to 6 months old (roughly). I'm basing this on the fact that they spend about four month's in the pouch and a further month or two on the mother's back.

(Click photos to enlarge)
Brush-tailed Possum Joey

You can see the mother's eye in this shot.


  1. It sounds as if your backyard doesn't really belong to you after dark! Very nice photos of the little possum.

  2. Thanks Mick - Yes it's pretty wild out there.

    Thanks Snail - Yeah it's hard not to use the word cute.

  3. Thanks Tony - You may be right but I'm not going to try it :-)

  4. Hi Mosura.
    Lovely Possum joey.
    Much darker than I am used to seeing (grey ones).
    I had one living in my garage in Canberra (in a roll of carpet I had foolishly left rolled up in the rafters). Lovely home I had built for her.
    Anyway, she had a ritual of climbing out from the garage, onto the Apple Tree, and across to the power pole.
    One evening, she set off with the baby still on board, but quite large by now. She was worried that the jump to the Power pole was too hard. So she built up the courage to make the jump. Trouble was, the baby sensed some concern on Mum's part, and decided to practice the use of the prehensile tail.
    Mum jumped, and Baby didn't let go (with the tail).
    She nearly reached the pole, when the baby's tail "hook" stopped her progress and she fell straight down - with baby hanging upside down from the apple tree.
    A very funny moment (for me).
    Baby was no longer welcome on Mum's back after that!
    Interesting animals.

  5. Thanks Denis - Great story. Would have been good on video :-)

  6. So many creatures of the night

  7. Thanks Cloe Cheshire for your comment