Saturday, 13 December 2008

Rearing Lepidoptera

I've added a "Rearing Lepidoptera" section to my web site. It's basically notes and photographs from some of my rearing projects. I still have a few more to add but unfortunately I have lost 29 lots of project notes on my computer. The missing ones are all Australian species I've reared over the last 2 years. I've checked back up discs etc but just can't figure out what I've done with them. Such is life. I'll just have to start again.

In the mean time, perhaps a few of you may find these of interest.


  1. Hi Alan,

    Sorry to hear about your loss. If it is just a matter of them getting deleted accidentally and recycle bin emptied, there is still a chance of recovering them with some software.

  2. That's a blow Mosura, hopefully they'll turn up on a backup disk sometime.
    Fascinating stuff, I take off my hat to you.

  3. Hello..I cam across your blog site when looking for a name for the 2 caterpillars eating 2 of my new hakeas. I am a butterfly lover, too an dlive SE NSW. I wondered if I may be so bold as to ask if there is any way to also put the common names for the butterflies tho I guess this is much too much hard work on top of the great work you already do. Your enthusiasm for nature shines thru? Thanks

  4. Thanks Chai and Duncan - Sorry to be so slow to respond. Been a tad busy.

    Thanks Anonymous - Do you mean on the Tasmanian Moth web site. Yes I will add any common names. Just a matter of getting the time.

  5. Hi,

    Just took a photo of a large-ish (7-8cm long) moth in southern Tas and wondering if you can ID it for me. Is there some way I can email you a photo?


  6. Hey Mosura!

    How are you going? It's been a long time since your last post.
    Just thought to drop by and say 'hello'.

    Hope all is well with you!

  7. Thanks Anon - Try tasleps @

    Thanks Nickolay - Just been a tad busy.

  8. Hi Mosura, like your photos and would like to use them in a talk if thats ok, who do I acknowledge?