Wednesday, 19 November 2008


I took a wee walk up the back hill today to photograph some of the plants which are currently flowering as well as some that are already setting seed. Here's what I found:

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

#1 - Pale Flaxlily - Dianella longifolia

#2 - Heartleaf Bushpea - Pultenaea daphnoides

#3 - Heartleaf Bushpea - Pultenaea daphnoides

#4 - Forest Daisybush - Olearia lirata

#5 - Sag- Lomandra longifolia

#6 - Native Pigface - Carpobrotus rossii

#7 - Manuka - Leptospermum scoparium

#8 - Hop Native-primrose - Goodenia ovata

#9 - Large Kangaroo Apple - Solanum laciniatum

#10 - Sunshine Wattle - Acacia terminalis


  1. Love those natives Mosura, all familiar to me, a delight to the eye.

  2. Didn't know you had Manuka down there. Gets a Kiwi all nostalgic.

  3. Hi Mosura
    Lovely shots. Surprised to see the Sunshine Wattle there. Up here it is a "Sydney Sandstone" specialist plant. Common on the sandstone, but not found around Goulburn or Canberra, so I assumed it was a restricted distribution. Apparently not.
    Great Dianella shot.

  4. Hi Alan, some great flowers and photos, I love the first one the Pale Flax Lily, so delicate and beautifully framed. You also seem to have some pretty ugly names for some stunning flowers....SAG?, PIGFACE? (-: I've just finished a jar of Manuka Honey and it was delishous! The price has rocketed now though due to the Honey Bee problems across the world! I hope that can be sorted out PDQ!

  5. I thought I had replied to these comments but apparently I didn't. Sorry about that.

    Thanks Duncan - and it's great having them almost at my back door.

    Thanks Tony - Plenty of Manuka here. I'll have to get myself a bee hive.

    Thanks Denis - Sunshine wattle is the most abundant Acacia on my block. The soil here is of a fine snadstone.

    Thanks Jenny - Not the most romantic of names ate they. That Manuka Honey is great for healing infected wounds.