Monday, 17 November 2008

Spider Takes Earwig

.....Walk into my parlour

With the temperature down to about 4 degrees last night there was not much happening at the moth trap. I soon found that all the action was happening inside when I spotted this spider in the bathroom window. It had just caught an earwig which was still fighting for it's life. The spider kept retreating and then diving in trying to hogtie the spider.The earwig was relatively free to move except for it pincers which were totally entrapped. This morning the spider was enjoying earwig for breakfast.

Oh and does anyone know what these spiders are? At this stage I'm assuming family Theridiidae and possibly Achaearanea sp.

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

#1 - Gotcha!

#3 - Struggle

#3 - Hogtied

#4 - Breakfast


  1. Several breakfasts, I'd have thought.

  2. A great post, Mosura! As Aydin Orstan said -- it's a whole documentary.

  3. Got a similar thing the other night Mosura, similar sized spider and a longicorn beetle.

  4. Hi Mosura
    I love a good sequence, like that. The spider secured the tweezers first, as you noted. Smart move. obviously it understood where the dangerous bits are.
    PS I heard you had snow somewhere down there. We got really cold, but not quite that bad.
    Tomorrow our weather is meant to be coming from western NSW and the Centre - rain predicted.
    We shall see.

  5. Thanks Aydin Örstan - I just don't have the budget for larger documentaries :-)

    Thanks Tony - Yeah there's enough for the whole family in that earwig.

    Thanks Tilcheff - I don't think Attenborough needs to worry about the competition :-)

    Thanks Duncan - It's a wonder a spider that size can get it's fangs through a beetle.

    Thanks Denis - Yes it snowed down to about 800m the other day. Last November we had snow down to about 250 m so not too surprising. Back to heat wave conditions today with 19 degrees forecast.