Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A Plethora of Moths

.....Mothing - 11th - 12th November 2008

There has been plenty of action at the moth trap the last couple of nights. The following are just the few I selected for a closer look.

Photos #1, (#4 &#5), #6, #7, (#8 & #9), and #11 are all new records for my backyard. Some of these I've not yet identified even though two of them are large and well marked species. Hopefully someone may be able to help.

The Pyralid in photos #1 & #2 was interesting for the way it positions itself at rest. To the naked eye it seemed to be balancing on it's wing tips. A closer view through the lens shows that the front legs do not even touch the ground.

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

#1 -Tortricopsis-uncinella
#2 - Pyralid A
#3 - Pyralid A
#4 - Unknown
(Notodontidae : Notodontinae)
#5 - Unknown
(Notodontidae : Notodontinae)
#6 - Nearcha nullata
(Geometridae : Oenochrominae)
#7 - Ctenomeristis almella
(Pyralidae : Phycitinae)
#8 - Unknown
(Lasiocampidae : Lasiocampinae)
#9 - Unknown
(Lasiocampidae : Lasiocampinae)
#10 - Idiodes apicata
(Geometridae : Ennominae)
#11 - Crypsiphona ocultaria
(Geometridae : Geometrinae)
#12 - Crypsiphona ocultaria
(Geometridae : Geometrinae)
#13 - Hednota bivittella
(Pyralidae : Crambinae)
#14 - Entometa fervens

#15 - Unknown


  1. Hi Mosura
    What an amazing collection of moths for one night.
    I don't envy you the task of sorting through them all.
    No 14 is my favourite. It looks like it has the snout of an Echidna - end of resemblance.
    The dark red-brown one (#9) clinging tight to the pole is interesting too.
    #11 and 12 are stunning in design. I have never seen anything like that - I would remember it.

  2. All I got was a berserk dragonfly trying to kick-in some mozzie screen :-(

  3. Hi Alan
    What a fantastic array of moths. My fav is No 9 too, such a lovely deep coppery colour.

  4. Thanks Denis - It wasn't too bad a nigh. There was a lot of other moths but I only picked out the more interesting ones.

    Thanks Tony - That must have been some dragonfly. Was it wearing boots.

    Thanks Jenny - Yes it's a nice one that. I've only narrowed it down to 4 species so far.