Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Odds and Sods

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Mystery Beast and a Bandicoot

Yesterday my wife spotted what she described as a large and unusual dog shaped animal (though definitely not a dog) slowly walking up our backyard hill into the trees. I walked up to investigate. I certainly flushed a lot of wallabies and rabbits but nothing unusual. While I did not discover the mystery beast, I did get a great view of a Southern Brown Bandicoot (Isoodon obesulus). I mentioned getting a fleeting glimpse of a bandicoot back on August 30th. This time I accidentally cornered one between myself, a tree stump and a fence. It was trying to jump the fence reaching about 50 to 60 cm up. I shouted down the hill for someone to grab the camera but in the mean time it squeezed between the fence and the stump never to be seen again (I think it somehow went under the fence). While I did not intend to scare the wee thing it was the best view I've had of them to date as I watched it for close to a minute from just a few metres away.

The characeristic conical holes dug with the bandicoots front feet.

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos

The Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos have been back in recent weeks after an absence of couple of months. Every now and then they will fly over the yard so I've had the camera set up ready to go. Unfortunately I've only managed one reasonable shot so far but I'll keep trying. They are a little bit silhouetted against the bright sky so I'll have to remember to adjust the exposure next time.

(Click Photos to Enlarge)
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo - Calyptorhynchus funereus

Thylacine Footprint

This part of the post has no relation to the mystery beast mentioned above- although who really knows? :-) The photo below is of an imprint of the Tasmanian Tiger's front foot. It was sent to me by someone in appreciation for some moth eggs I gave them. Apparently the impression was taken from a stuffed museum specimen.

Front Footprint of the Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger - Thylacinus cynocephalus


  1. Find a Thylacine Mosura, and you'll go down in history, wouldn't it be the greatest. It's enough to make a grown man cry, to think that such a wonderful creature was exterminated. Sob.

  2. Wow! that post has everything!! Mystery, small beasties and black cockies! Now, how to find something vaguely interesting after that :-)

  3. Who knows, what the mystery beastie might have been? Maybe there really is a Thylacine roaming your back paddock!

  4. All this so soon after Michael Crichton's death!

    If the paw print sprang to life it'd gobble up your mystery animal. And probably find a way to ravage cockatoo eggs ;-)

  5. What a pity you didn't have the camera when you met the Bandicoot! I came across one in Feb near Ralph's Bay and took 2 photos one of which is rear 3/4 view and the the other - a blurry bum, hind feet and a tail...

    And I'm envious of your Black Cockies. There's something prehistoric in the way they fly and look.

    Best regards

  6. Can't picture in my mind what a Bandicoot looks like, are they nocturnal usually? Love your Cockatoos, we saw them somewhere in Tassie, but I can't recall where off the top of my head. I should try and look it up in my notes. Fabulous birds!

  7. Hi Mosura
    I cannot believe you set off to check out the mystery do-like animal without your camera! Shame on you.
    At least you would have had a shot of the Bandicoot, which I would like to see.
    And what if it was a Tassie Devil or even (gasp) a Thylacine? How would you ever have reported that you had seen one, but not taken its picture?
    Don't worry, we have all done similar things......but just think of the possibilities, Mosura. Besides, isn't there a reward for proof of the Thylacine's existence?
    Even a Tassie Devil snarling at you at close range would be worth a shot (photo).
    PS Nice grouping of the Cockies. I'll bet they were squealing loudly, when flying in such a tight group.

  8. Thanks Duncan - Yep and the Tassie devil may be next.

    Thanks Mick - I don't reckon you'll have a problem with that given all those wonderful waders up your way.

    Thanks John - At the risk of being ridiculed, I'm quite open to the idea of a few still being "out there" but not at my place :-)

    Thanks Tony - I reckon Chrichton would have had one cloned from that footprint and then released in a tourist park.

    Thanks Nickolay - Yeah they are fantastic birds. Sometimes they are here daily for long periods and then they disappear for a while (following the food no doubt.)

    Thanks Jenny - Click here for a photo of a Southern-Brown-Bandicoot.

    Thanks Denis - I was already up the back. If I walked back to get the camera I may not of found the beast. As it was I didn't find it anyway. I certainly wasn't expecting the bandicoot as I've been watching for them without much success for a while. As for Devils, we have those her but I've not managed a photo yet.