Friday, 7 November 2008


.....or Lady Beetles (or for the Americans, Ladybugs)

I was happy to find a species of Ladybird a couple of day ago that I haven't seen before. It's not uncommon or anything, it's just that I don't seem to get them at my place. In fact the only reason I found this one is because it was on a lettuce that I bought at the shops. It was said to be locally grown so I will assume that at least places it's origin within the confines of Tasmania.

Speaking of ladybirds you may have seen the Ladybird segment on ABC's Catalyst this week. If not you can always watch it online by clicking here. The show reported on the Ladybirds of Australia website. This is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in these fascinating little beetles with photographs of hundreds of Australian species as well as a wealth of information.

There is also a "Ladybirds of Australia" book. Coincidentally, I placed an order for this book last week before becoming aware of the web site.

#1 - Transverse Ladybird - Coccinella transversalis - 5.3mm

#2 - Transverse Ladybird - Coccinella transversalis - 5.3mm


  1. Catalyst segment was excellent.

    Did you inspect your lettuce minutely to see what ladybird was after?

  2. Thanks Tony - Yes I did have a look at the time but couldn't see anything else on it.

  3. An interesting post, and thanks for giving the link to the website for ladybirds. Reading blogs like yours certainly opens my eyes to what I have only looked at briefly before. I admit I am a bit fixated on the birds!

  4. Rarely see a ladybird here Mosura, virtually a thing of the past. Another common thing of my childhood that I never see now is the "bird dropping spider"

  5. Thanks Mick - There are plenty of folk who have started with birds and then become hooked on the wider scope of ecological interest.

    Thanks Duncan - I see a lot less than when I was young too but I think that's more related to my eyesight.

  6. I photographed another Ladybird today but haven't uploaded the image yet. Will be interesting to see which one it is! :-)

    I also saw the Catalyst programme.
    Great stuff!