Thursday, 13 November 2008

Crexa Moth Caterpillars

..... Genduara punctigera

On the 26th October I posted a photo of a Crexa moth (Lasiocampidae)

The moth was put in a jar waiting to be released. Unfortunately the jar was put aside and overlooked until today. Fortunately I was in time to discover the 129 caterpillars which were climbing around on the inside of the jar. A few were already dead so I would say they would have hatched at least 24 hours ago. From that we can say the eggs would have taken about 17 days to hatch.

The caterpillars are only 5mm in length. If disturbed they drop and hang from a thread of silk.

#1 - Eggs - already hatched

#2 - First instar larva next to eggs - about 5mm in length

#3 - Lateral view of larva

#4 - Larva feeding on Native Cherry - Exocarpos cupressiformis

#5 - Mum - The adult female moth


  1. Great sequence, Mosura.
    The adult looks like a pet Guinea Pig.
    The shot of the baby caterpillar hanging from its silken thread is just plain showing off!!! :-))
    Stunning shots all of them.

    Just as well you remembered the eggs in the jar, and knew what they are and what they like to feed on.

  2. I'm with Denis Mosura, great stuff.