Monday, 27 October 2008

Mothing - 27th October 2008

We had a very warm night last night. The temperature was still around 15 degrees at midnight. Unfortunately I couldn't leave the moth trap on all night as there was a risk of showers but a few did turn up before I hit the sack.

First up there were 3 Helena Gum moths which you can see below photographed on my assistants hand. These are all males so I won't be getting any eggs from these.

(Click to Enlarge all Photos)
#1. Helena Gum Moths - Opodiphthera helena (Saturniidae)

Next up is a small Pyralid. This family often sits high on it's front legs with the antennae straight back along the body. The wings often for a triangular shape.

#2 - Unknown Pyralid (Pyralidae)

The migratory Bogong Moths have been appearing over the last 2 weeks. These generally spend the warmer months in the mountains, particularly around the Bogong High Plains in Victoria. However, many of them overshoot their destination and end up in Tasmania.

#3 - Bogong Moth - Agrotis infusa (Noctuidae : Noctuinae)

Two other Noctuids were in the trap. Like the Bogongs, these are both known to be migratory species.
#4 - Southern Armyworm - Persectania ewingii (Noctuidae : Hadeninae)

#5 - Native Budworm - Helicoverpa sp. probably: punctigera (Noctuidae : Heliothinae)

.....and of course there were plenty of insects other than moths. Carious beetles, flies, wasps etc including the two shown below.

#6 - A Lacewing - (Neuroptera)

#7 - An Ichneumon Wasp - (Hymenoptera : Ichneumonidae)


  1. Gee, you really know how to rub it in don't you Mosura, I'd be over the moon to get one of those big fellows, let alone three! Beautiful.

  2. 1: Are you lefthanded?
    2: What keeps them still?

  3. Thanks Duncan - Sorry about that :-)

    Thanks Tony - No - that's not my hand :-) They always seem happy to sit where you put them. Not sure why although they're not great flyers.

  4. What stunners those first moths are! Like Duncan, I'd give my eye teeth to see one of those.

  5. Wow! What a gallery in just one day (or better say night)! Great photos, Mosura!

  6. G'day Mosura,
    Nice entry. You did have a great night. Very impressive.

  7. Hi Mosura
    Is there a website where I can find out about the moth traps and moth lights which you and Duncan talk about?
    The best I can do is leave my front verandah light on, which does attract some creatures of the night. But they are hard to photograph, as they swarm around the light itself.

  8. Lovely photos Mosura. That lacewing is amazing.

  9. Thanks Jenny - I could do with a few extra teeth :-)

    Thanks Tilchef - Should get even better as it warms up.

    Thanks Gouldiae - The Emperors are always impressive.

    Thanks Denis - I'll do a post about my trap soon. In the meantime here's an excellent starting point although it is written from a British perspective. click to download pdf

    Thanks Boobook - I get a few lacewings in the trap but that was a new one for me.

  10. Thanks for that link, Mosura.

  11. Thumbs up re.recent Moth entries, Mosura. Your IDs are really helpful as a future reference for me.

    Plenty of Ichneumans here at the moment.

    I am yet to get a good image of a Lacewing.