Monday, 13 October 2008

Mothing - 13th October 2008

.....or should that be butterflying?

The weather has been a little bit milder so I put the moth trap out last night. It attracted several large Click beetles and half a dozen large Black Scarab beetles. It also pulled in a Yellow Admiral Butterfly at about 10:30pm. This is not that unusual as I've had butterflies in the trap before. In Scotland I occasionally found Red Admirals in the trap. Surprisingly, a few moths also made an appearance.

Edit: I originally had the white Lymantriid shown below listed as Acyphas semiochrea. I received an email explaining why it is in fact Euproctis melanosoma. Thanks for the correction.

All up, aside from the beetles I had:

  • Euproctis melanosoma
  • Melanodes anthracitaria - Black Geometrid (yellow form)
  • Agrotis munda
  • Praxis edwardsii
  • Vanessa itea - Yellow Admiral

(Click Photos to Enlarge)

#1 - Vanessa itea - Yellow Admiral

#2 - Euproctis melanosoma - Vental view showing orange/brown anal tuft

#3 - Euproctis melanosoma


  1. Milder? That's something just above freezing, is it?

  2. Thanks Tony - It only got down to about 12 degrees last night which I reckon is pretty mild. Mind you it still only got up to 15 today.

  3. Great photos Mosura, shows what a proper macro lens can do. Of course, like in rifle shooting, it's the nut behind the butt that's the real key to it. :-)
    (old shooters' saying)

  4. Thanks Duncan - The man behind the cam you might say although nut may be more fitting in my case.