Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Leaf Beetle

.....family Chrysomelidae

Well Mosura has just had an extremely traumatic experience with a dental surgeon. One and a half hours to remove a problematic wisdom tooth and quite a bit of jaw bone along with it. Thus, todays offering is is one that involves minimal effort on my part. It is a Leaf Beetle and a reasonably large one at 12mm. It was found in the backyard a few days back under some loose bark of a Eucalypt.

(Click Photo to Enlarge)

A Leaf Beetle - 12mm long


  1. My jaw's aching in sympathy Mosura!
    Hope you have a decent night.

  2. Thanks Duncan - The pain killers are doing a reasonable job at the moment.

  3. There's always the Tooth Fairy ;-)

    Consider yourself a victim of evolution. Human jaws now leaving too little room for wisdoms. There's a moral or something there...

  4. Thanks Tony - Problem is, I had little enough wisdom before they removed it.

  5. Bad luck, Mosura. That's not much fun at all. Have you invested in a very soft (ie kids) toothbrush to use until the pain subsides?

  6. Thanks Snail - Good idea. Is that what you use on your radulae? ;-)

  7. Lovely looking beetle. The main reason to comment though is to offer bucket loads of sympathy. The soft toothbrush idea sounds like a good one to me! Hope you're feeling better soon.
    All the best

  8. Thanks Jenny - Feeling a little better today. At least I can talk again.

  9. Interesting beetle.
    Anna :)