Sunday, 19 October 2008

Don't Count Your Chickens 'til They've..........

..... Oh 'ang on... they've hatched - all 5 of them!

Well it it's not nature in the 'wild' sense but it's certainly natural. We have chooks and ducks nesting all over the place in the backyard at the moment. These ones just hatched this morning.

All but one of these are Silkies. The last shot is an Old English Game bantam. The bantam has been sneaking eggs into other chook nests. Perhaps there are some Cuckoo genes in there somewhere :-) In any case it is the best looking bird of the lot but unfortunately it is also the weakest and seems to be having trouble standing. Time will tell.

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

#1 - Hatchlings

#2 - Hatchlings

#3 - 'Old English Game' bantam


  1. Oh they're so cute! Can I have one please? :)

  2. Thanks Silkie -Can you have one? You are one :-) I'll tell you what - $15 bucks a chook and you can take your pick :-)

  3. The cuties would be safer with a lacto-ova vegan like me.

  4. Gorgeous! And might I say so much more appealing than the bugs!

  5. Thanks Tony - From what I've heard, silkies are considered inedible by many people so the should be safe :-) Not sure about the Old English Game though :-')
    (That smiley is supposed to be licking it's lips)

    Thanks Mick - More appealing than bugs? The chooks don't agree - they love bugs :-)

  6. Have to agree on the cuteness factor. Hope the Old English Game one makes it though, keep us posted wont you?

  7. LOL - you know it's spring when chickies hatch! :-)

    I hope the OEG makes it too, Mosura.

    BTW - they are seriously cute! :-)

  8. Thanks Jenny - Yes I'll let you know how it turns out. Hopefully it will be good news.

    Thanks JL - This is the second lot this spring and there are a lot more on the way :-)

  9. Ohhhh so cute! Anna :)