Sunday, 5 October 2008

Clematis in Bloom

.....Clematis microphylla

While at the Narawntapu National Park on Friday there were clematis plants in full bloom all through the scrub behind Bakers Beach. I've included a few shots below. It is Clematis microphylla and it has the most unimaginative common name ever - Short Leaved Clematis.

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

Clematis microphylla - Short Leaved Clematis

Clematis belong to the familiy Ranunculaceae. There are 5 native species of Clematis in Tasmania plus one introduction. They are:
  • C. aristata
  • C. clitoroides
  • C. decipiens
  • C. gentianoides
  • C. microphylla
  • C. vitalba (Introduced)

....and for today, that's your bloomin' lot


  1. You must be a botanist. Beautifully captured and presented

  2. Thanks Roentarre - Hardly a botanist but certainly an observer of plants :-)

  3. Beautiful flowers and photos. I have always thought there is nothing quite so beautiful as clematis flowers spilling down over the trees and shrubs. I guess it would be a different species in northern NSW. I also remember a clematis in NZ when I was very young.
    btw - how did you get your photos two together like that - and nicely aligned? I tried it the other week and it made everything go out of alignment

  4. Thanks Mick - That Clematis is pretty widespread. The NT is the only state/territory without it.

    Regards putting two photos side by side, when uploading, choose 'None' for layout and 'small' for the size. Then when you return to the blog composition area, you can drag the photos into position.

    One potential problem is the template for your blog. Some templates do not have a wide enough area to display to pics side by side. I remember having that problem when I started and so I ended up getting into the code and completely customising my template.

  5. Thanks Mosura, I shall try doing that with the layout next time. Don't think I know enough about code to customise.