Friday, 12 September 2008

Some Recent Birds

......or Mosura Blogs Blurry Brush Bronzewings Besides Better Bush Birds

The first two birds shown below are Olive Whistler and Dusky Robin both of which were photographed while at Fern Glade the other day.

Third is a pair of Superb Fairywrens in the backyard today.. These were following each other around and engaging in some mutual preening.

The last two photos are both strong contenders for the worst photos I've yet posted on this blog. However, I'm very happy with them! It's the first time I've 'seen' a Brush Bronzewing at my place. I've often 'heard' them calling before but as they are usually deep in the undergrowth I've not actually seen one on my block until now.

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

Olive Whistler - Pachycephala olivacea - Fern Glade - 9th-Sep-08

Dusky Robin - Melanodryas vittata - Fern Glade - 9th-Sep-2008

Superb Fairywrens - Malurus cyaneus - Backyard - 12th Sep-2008

Brush Bronzewing - Phaps elegans - Backyard - 10th-Sep-2008

Brush Bronzewing - Phaps elegans - Backyard - 10th-Sep-2008


  1. I especially like the fairywrens. re the last two - too much perfection makes us complacent!

  2. Thanks Mick - That's the good thing about being so imperfect - I can only get better :-)

  3. Those wrens, what a pose! Ripper!

  4. Hi Mosura
    How on earth did you pose those Wrens? They never sit still for a moment at my place, let alone pose like that.
    An award winning photo, that - seriously.

  5. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to be very girly here and say those Fairywrens are sooooooooo cute! What a lovely pose! I love the first photos too. The gleam in the eye and pose is just great.

  6. G'day Mosura,
    You do keep producing wonderful shots. I'm with Duncan - love those wrens.

  7. I'm with everybody! Mosura, those wrens are just gorgeous. What a brilliant image!

  8. thanks Gouldiae & Junior lepid - It seems everyone likes the wrens and yet that was the one photo I nearly didn't post :-)