Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Rocky Cape Orchids

This morning I stopped off at Rocky Cape National Park where, among other things, I found quite a few Wax-lip Orchids, Glossodia major. There were also a few Mayfly Orchids, Acianthus caudatus, although most of these had already gone to seed.

The first photo below shows the general area which is coastal heathland with sandy quartzite soil. This shot was taken from the lighthouse looking toward North Cave with Table Cape way in the distance.

Rocky Cape National Park from the Lighthouse

Wax-lip Orchid - Glossodia major

Wax-lip Orchid - Glossodia major

Mayfly Orchid - Acianthus caudatus

Mayfly Orchid - Acianthus caudatus - Seed Capsule


  1. Hi Alan
    The Mayfly Orchid is a weird looking one. Again, a lovely part of Tasmania you're showing us. I wish we'd had a month there rather than just a week!

  2. Nice one Mosura - G'day. Good strong colours in the Wax-lips. Seems like a beaut spot.

  3. Gouldiae beat me to it Alan, good colour in that one. I've found it can be hard to capture the colour of the waxlip, your camera does a good job.

  4. Nice Orchids, Mosura, and nice (no doubt windy) location.
    The Glossodias here have not yet started. I have only ever seen the Mayfly Orchid once, down near Nowra. I ought go there again, and have look.

  5. Thanks Jenny, Gouldiae, Duncan, Denis, & Phillip -

    It's often very windy at Rocky Cape but yesterday was very calm and sunny. Those 'weird' Mayfly Orchids seem to be pretty common around here. It's one of the few orchids I seem to keep finding. The Wax-lips really were beauties. We found two along the walking track but when I got back to the car I noticed they were all along the side of the road where the vegetation had been cut back.