Saturday, 6 September 2008


...Ornithorhynchus anatinus

While at Fern Glade in Burnie, we had good views of a platypus in one of the quieter pools along the Emu River. I have never taken a shot of a platypus that I'm happy with, The air trapped within the wet fur makes them very reflective, In any case the first two shots are reasonable. The third is pretty poor but I include it to show the way it was holding it's rear legs up, with the tail down. I'm not sure why it was doing this - steering perhaps? Also, is that a spur I see under the leg or a bit of wet fur?

The first Ornithorhynchus
Confused early thinkers.
They said, 'Oh good lord,
It's an obvious fraud!
Someone has stuck
The front end of a duck
With the skill of a weaver
To part of a beaver.

(part of a poem by R. Strahan)

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Platypus - Ornithorhynchus anatinus

Platypus - Ornithorhynchus anatinus

Platypus - Ornithorhynchus anatinus


  1. Wow! I'd be happy to just see one in the wild let alone get some good photos! Great post!

  2. Nice to catch them out and about. Spurred me to stare fur long time. Inconclusive.

  3. Nice. I've wanted to see one but haven't had a chance.

    I had to read the poem with a British or Aussie accent to 'get' the rhymes -- it doesn't work in North America. :-)

  4. Thanks Mick - Yes they are always special to see even though around here if you go looking for one you've got an very good chance of finding one.

    Thanks Tony - 'fur long'? maybe that's why one can't see the spur. I long fur a day I will get a better view.

    Thanks David - LOL - I can rekate to that. There are plent of Amrican songs thay don't work in Australia abd Vritain too .

    Oh and thanks for Birdstack too.

  5. This is fantastic! It must have been very exciting!

  6. Thanks Tilchef - Yes it was. They are actually very common around here but I still get a buzz out of seeing them.