Thursday, 4 September 2008


... Henry Somerset Orchid Conservation Area

The Henry Somerset Orchid Reserve is located on the Railton Road south of Latrobe. It was opened on 27th November 1981 specifically to protect it's many orchids. There have been 43 species recorded in the reserve. After several visits over the last year or so I have managed to track down 6, so just 37 to go. This should give you an idea of my great skill at finding orchids :-)

Yesterday I walked through the reserve and photographed the following four species. I'm a little uncertain on the 'Trim Greenhood' ID so perhaps someone may be able to confirm or correct that one.

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Small Gnat Orchid - Cyrtostylis reniformis

Small Gnat Orchid - Cyrtostylis reniformis

Mayfly Orchid - Acianthus caudatus

Mayfly Orchid - Acianthus caudatus

Mayfly Orchid - Acianthus caudatus

Nodding Greenhood - Pterostylis nutans

Trim Greenhood - Pterostylis concinna ?

More information on the reserve can be found here.

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  1. 4 orchids? Lovely. I think that's 400% more than Tyto. Depauperate, see? I'll wear you down.

  2. Hi Alan,
    Also meant to be a good spot for Painted Button-quail. We've glimpsed one there, but know others who have reported them there, too.

  3. Thanks Tony - I looked at Tyto wetland on Google Maps. I seen this vast expance og Mangroves north of Ingham. Then I found a little patch just west of Ingham which I think is the one. Depauperate eh! Well maybe in orchids (though hard to imagine) but definitely not in birds :-)

    Thanks John - I'd love to see a Painted Button-quail. Thanks for the tip - I'll keep an eye out next time.

  4. Hi Mosura

    You need a local Orchid person to guide you with names for the Greenhood.
    I can tell you that it is definitely not the Trim Greenhood (Pterostylis concinna) or Taurantha concinna. It is very upright, and very tidy in its appearance, with very little protruding hood. Also reddish tinged on front. Yours looks much more bent forward, with a large protruding hood.
    Try for Colin Rowan's photos of Victoran Orchids.
    The closest match I can find is Pterostylis X ingens, which as the name suggests is a natural hybrid with the Nodding Greenhood. Very variable, but some are less nodding than the main parent.Try this link, if you can cut and paste it:


  5. Thanks Denis - The photo of Pterostylis X ingens does look very similar.

  6. Pterostylis x ingens used to be on the Tasmanian list but the records were based on misidentifications. It could, in theory, occur here as both parent species occur in the state, but one of them is rare, so it's not all that likely to pop up.

    The one at the bottom could be a nutans that has finished flowering and shrivelled up a bit - sometimes in that condition they don't "nod" in the way they do when they are in the prime of life.

  7. Thanks Kevein - for your thoughts on that one. I really should take more photos of the relevant orchid bits and bops for ID.