Monday, 22 September 2008

More White's Skinks (Lizards)

A few weeks ago I posted about White's Skink. (Click for earlier post) Since then I have found another place in the backyard where they have made a series of burrows. This one was enjoying the sunshine on the path only about a foot away from one of the burrow entrances. Lying flat on the ground I was able to get close enough to use my 100mm macro lens. The first sudden movement I made and it it was back into the burrow in a flash.

The mention of sunshine should make it obvious that these shots were not taken today as I don't think the rain has stopped once. They were in fact taken last Tuesday (16th. Sep)

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

#1 - White's Skink - Egernia whitii

#2 - White's Skink - Egernia whitii


  1. Excellent photos. You must have been very patient to get that close!

  2. That's a very handsome skink Mosura, nice shots. The Grey Fan can be a hard subject to catch, I've not got one with its tail fanned yet.

  3. Thanks Mick - Just a matter of moving very slowly - not hard for me at all :-)

    Thanks Duncan - I have a few with the tail fanned from behind. Not very graceful at all.

  4. So sharp and in focus. I thought it was a snake!

  5. Thanks roentarre - for the compliment. If it was a snake I'd need at least a 600mm lens :-)

    I just looked at some of your excellent photos. I'll pop back later for some more.

  6. What a beautiful skink and wonderful sharp photos. If we get a kick out of seeing them, you must've got a bigger kick out of taking them!

  7. Beautiful shot of the skink, congratulations! In WA they are so very cautious that they are off before your shadow falls on them.
    With best wishes

  8. Thanks Jenny - and yes sure do.

    Thanks William - Yeah they can be like that here too. I've been watching these a lot lately and they actually seem to be getting used to me.