Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Moorland Point Birds

Today I popped in at Moorland Point along the coast near Devonport which is said to be good for shore birds. There was not a great variety to be seen, however, I did get good views of a flock of Ruddy Turnstones (at least 19) and some Fairy Terns (3). In the field opposite there was a pair of White-fronted Chats. A Swamp Harrier flew by being mobbed by the local lapwings and a skylark sang incesantly overhead.

The photographs could have been better but the sun was at a bad angle; at least that's my excuse.

(Click Photos to Enlarge)

Ruddy Turnstone - Arenaria interpres

Ruddy Turnstones - Arenaria interpres

Fairy Tern - Sterna nereis - Breeding plumage

White-fronted Chat - Epthianura albifrons - female
White-fronted Chat - Epthianura albifrons - male


  1. Got the female Chat nicely. The eye's everything, isn't it?

    What camera, lens? (Spent yest shopping round to replace FZ30 and thinking 40D, but good lenses $$$$!! :-(

  2. Great photos and you make we want to go out and look for habitat where I might see Ruddy Turnstones - which I haven't yet seen! The others I think I need to be much further south to find

  3. Thanks Tony - Yes I wasn't very happy with some of them. The birds chats were a little fsr off behine a fence. However, it;s the first time I've managed to photograph them at all so I'm very happy about that.

    The lens is the Canon 400m f5.6 L

    Thanks Mick - I see Turnstones now and then and I also used to see them in Scotland. However that was my first Fairy Tern and only second sighting of White-fronted Chat.

  4. Those chats are cool looking birds Mosura. Nice one.

  5. Hi Alan, it's kind of strange to see familiar birds on your blog for a change.(-: Turnstones can be very obliging for photography (if the sun is in the right place that is), they usually just get on with what they do best which is turn stones over! Love the chat photos too.

  6. Thanks for sharing these photos, Mosura!

  7. Thanks Warren - Yes they're rippers. I don't see them too often.

    Thanks Jenny - I remember the first time I seen a turnstone in Scotland I waded out chest deep into the north sea fully dressed to get a photo. These were a lot easier and I stayed a lot warmer :-)

    Thanks Tilchef - ...and thank you for looking. Glad you like them!