Friday, 26 September 2008

A Jumping Spider

.....named Groucho

All I can say about this one is that it is a Jumping Spider of the family Salticidae, and that it certainly lives up to it's reputation. With a total body length of only around 5mm-6mm it managed an amazing jump of about 40mm - 50mm in an effort to escape my camera. It succeeded too. It landed down a deep crevice in a tree stump where I could no longer see it.

In the absence of a more precise name I've decided to call him Groucho. If you can't see any resemblance then you may need to compare photos #3, #4 and #5 :-)

Edit: I've since found that this is Opisthoncus polyphemus

(Click Photos to Enlarge)

A Small Jumping Spider - Opisthoncus polyphemus

A Small Jumping Spider - Opisthoncus polyphemus

A Small Jumping Spider - Opisthoncus polyphemus
Do you see the Grouch Resemblance?

For those with no imagination :-)

... and of course the real Groucho Marx


  1. LOL - I hope you lit that cigar for him, Mosura!

    Brilliant shots of this particular Salticid. They are camera-shy and you've done well with these!

  2. Wonderful spider and great shots as usual. Has it lost a back leg (in the first photo)?

  3. Me too LOL. Tho pic 2's jester is Danny Kaye-ish.
    Imagine too: Harpo with eight limbs plucking or Chico's keyboarding.
    But spiders suck food: very Gummo. Nothing worth saying on Zeppo - ever!

  4. Thanks JL, Jenny, and Tony - Glad you have a sense of humour.

    Yes Jenny - I was pulling his leg about looking like Groucho and that's what happened ;-) Actually to be honest I hadn't even noticed that until you mentioned it. Imagine how far it could jump with the full compliment :-)

  5. Very tricky Alan, nice one. Great little spiders.