Saturday, 6 September 2008

Guide Falls (Video and Photos)

...Guide Falls

Yesterday I took some video at Guide Falls, near Ridgley. This is my first attempt at putting my own videos on the Net so I hope it all works well. I originally uploaded to YouTube but I was not at all happy with the quality.

Note the Silver wattles, Acacia dealbata, are in full bloom. Near the beginning of the video you may hear a Superb Fairywren calling. Also, you will see the river cuts though columnar basalt. Huge boulders of collapsed basalt lie in the river bed.

I've also added a couple of older photos for anyone who does not have broadband to at least be able to see the falls.

Guide Falls

Guide Falls

Hope you enjoy the video


  1. Nice pics, brilliant video - and I heard the fairy Wren!

  2. I love the first photo - great composition! And a nice video too!

  3. I like that video very much indeed and especially because you have used one of my favorite pieces of music. I have a version arranged for a big classical organ -and - used to play it - and of course that dates me because such organs are so old-fashioned now!
    Also can you tell us what video camera you are using and what software you use to edit the video?

  4. Thanks Warren - Glad you liked it.

    Thanks Chai - That photo took some patience waiting for the spray to drift up which is what was making the light shafts.visible

    Thanks Duncan - Glad you thinks so. I'll use a tripod next time..

    Thanks Mick - The music is one of my favourites too. Wish I could play it!

    The camera is a 'Panasonic NV-GS330' and the software is 'Pinnacle Studio plus V.12'

  5. "A Thylacine production" - "Thylacine" meaning tassie tiger?


  6. I love the video and the music fitted brilliantly. I told a load of my friends to tune in to your blog to watch it! Thanks Alan I hope you do some more......

  7. Thanks Chai - Yes a Thylacine is a Tasmanian Tiger -Thylacinus cynocephalus

    Thanks Jenny - and thanks for the advertising :-) I'll have another go soon.