Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Some Recent Birds

Below are some photographs I've taken over the last week.

The Pelican was at the Inglis River in Wynyard. I went there in the hope of seeing a solitary pelican which is often present. Instead there were actually four - the most I've ever seen there. Unfortunately I was on the wrong side of the river for a good photo. Later when they flw off and circled overhead I managed a few shots but I was still on the wrong side of the sun.

Australian Pelican - Pelecanus conspicillatus

These are 'Fairy Penguins' or 'Little Penguins' as they are usually referred to now. I don't make a habit of looking for burrows but this one is at the side of a footpath which is regularly used by people and dogs so I don't think a quick snap would be too disturbing.

Little Penguin - Eudyptula minor

The Fantail is at York Street Reserve in Wynyard. I was there looking for orchids but this is all I came back with :-)

Grey Fantail - Rhipidura albiscapa

This young White-bellied Sea Eage was flying west along the coast.. We followed it for 9 km's. I estimate is was travelling at around 50 kmph although it's overall progress was held up by an endless supply of Ravens and Lapwings wanting to have a go at it.

White-bellied Sea Eagle - Haliaeetus leucogaster

And the humble Fairywren is, as usual, in my backyard.
Superb Fairywren - Malurus cyaneus


  1. Oh, Beautiful! - as usual! You find a number of great birds and then take wonderful photos to show the rest of us. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Mick - ...I appreciate your comments.

  3. ... and might I add, I appreciate everyones comments. It the only way I know if anyone enjoys what I post. So, if any of you are ever stuck for words feel free to just leave a smiley :-)

  4. You know what? You should post each species on its own and then you'll get five times more comments :D
    Hey, Mosura, wonderful pics as usual! My favs this time are the humble wren and the penguins. Great detail on the wren and a very clen composition. And penguis -- looks like a frame from a BBC doco :)

  5. Thanks Tilchef - LOL - That sounds like 5 times as much work. Glad you liked the pics!

  6. They're all great, but my two favs today are the Penguins as they remind me of my one and only view of these birds on Bruny Island. Fabulous! The second fav is the Fantail, wonderful shot as they are always on the move! I tried desperately to photograph Rufous Fantails at O'Reillys, but it was too dark and as I said, never stood still for a second! Thanks Alan!

  7. G'day Mosura,
    Yeah, beaut shots. The wren looks as though she's saying, "This is my best side".
    Keep 'em coming.

  8. Thanks Jenny - Yeah those Famtails constantly flit about in the shadows. I get those at my place but find it difficult to get a shot of them.

    Thanks Gouldiae - yes it was real poser that one.

  9. Thanks Duncan - Do you want to swap a pair of penguins for a powerful owl?..... No? Didn't think so :-)

  10. Wow, your bird photography is fantastic. What are you using?