Sunday, 31 August 2008

Rosella Nest Box

Well thanks to Gouldiae for motivating me to finally put up a nest box. Hopefully it's up in time for any Rosellas who are currently in the market for a rental property. The rent is cheap, or 'cheap cheap'. as the Rosellas would say. All they have to do is pose for a photo now and then.

The box is 250mm x 200mm and 400mm high. The hole diameter is 70mm. The hole itself is a little rough as I don't have a hole saw. I lost mine when I moved here and didn't want to buy a new one for one project. If the nest is a success I might invest in one as I will be wanting to make a variety of other nest types.

Although it doesn't look it in the photo, it is situated about 4m of the ground and faces north east. I remember the first time I put up a nest box in Scotland, I kid you not that within 5 minutes a pair of Blue tits were checking it out. Well I don't expect anything like that in this instance but I will keep and eye on it and if any interest is show I'll post it here.

If anyone's wants to make a nest box then check out Gouldiae's excellent post here or download a pdf file from the Victorian DPI here.

(Click to Enlarge)
Internal view with sawdust and a ladder

External view

In final position


  1. That was quick work! I decided to wait for the trees in my yard to grow a bit before I add to their stresses!

  2. Thanks Mick - I was tempted to wait until the trees up the back developed hollows of there own but then decided to get a wriggle on :-) Here's hoping it will get used.

  3. Thanks Duncan - It was a good view from the ladder Maybe I should have put a little window on the side :-)

  4. Well done, Mosura! I hope you have tenants very quickly. Did the DPI Iave instructions for bat boxes? i might go for a look. I have a couple but I don't think the bats are too keen on them! :-)

  5. Thanks JL - Yes that DPI link talks about bats as well.

  6. Nice work! Who do you side with in event of fight between competing species?

  7. Thanks Tony - I don't really mind who uses it as long as it's a native.

  8. G'day Mosura,
    Looks great, here's hoping hey? Shouldn't take too long for something to check it out. One I erected on the golf course a few days ago had 'an inspection' the following morning. Sometimes after they've looked, I find they go quiet for a bit. I forget about monitoring for a while, then suddenly there's an individual sitting quietly on a nearby branch while the partner is sorting things out inside.
    Anyway, great fun, I'm glad you became enthused.

  9. Thanks Gouldiae - and thanks for enthusing me :-) Been gunna get a round tuit for a while now.