Sunday, 10 August 2008

Witch's Butter and Orange Jelly Bells

..... Jelly Fungi

In my two years here, I had formed the view that my backyard was mycologically impoverished. Perhaps the apparent lack of fungi has been, in part, due to the first year being particularly drought stricken. However, over this time there have been some interesting species which have made an appearence. Today I noticed not one but two species of Jelly fungi growing on several old rotting logs and stumps.

The first are known as Orange Jelly Bells. I've only seen this once before and that was at Rocky Cape National Park. I'm sure they are more widespread than that but they are not easy for my eyes to spot. The ones below are only a few mm's tall. I was quite chuffed to find these on two separate logs in different parts of the yard.

Orange Jelly Bells - Heterotextus miltinis

The other species has a little less visual appeal but is equally interesting. This is also growing in two spots. One lot on an old tree stump and another on a rotting log lying along the ground. This may be Exidia glandulosa but I'm not sure. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear from you.

Possibly Witch's Butter , Exidia glandulosa


  1. Hi Mosura
    I like the Orange Jelly Bells. The other I am not sure about - I would wonder about an old (tired) Tremella Jelly Fungus, but I am not sure. I don't know if they change colour as they age.

  2. Thanks Denis - ...and thanks for the suggestion. I did look at Tremella earlier on but couldn't find anything quite the same. I have had this one before and it always looks the same colour. It is quite fresh. My books don't cover the jellies very well. The closest I can find on the net is this one. Most photos show very dark/black versions and apparently it can go that colour. I will have to keep an eye on mine.

  3. I've got a suggestion for that second fungi, but it's not a sensible one I'm afraid! It looks like something out of Dr Who to me! Lovely photo of the Orange Jelly, specially as it's so small.

  4. Thanks Jenny Yes I can see it in Dr Who but then it also reminds me of that old 50's classic, "The Blob".

    A little girl I know calls some of the jelly fungi Gooble Blobs so may I should let her identify it :-)

  5. Sounds like kid's party fare. ;-)

  6. ... and looks just as appetising

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