Monday, 25 August 2008

Gastropodal Wonders

... or shells on the beach

Along with the Strange's Watering Pot in yesterdays post I also came across the many other shells, two of which I've shown below.

The first is one of only six Cowrie species to be found in Tasmania. It is Cypraea comptoni. Sometimes these can look similar to C. angustata but the latter is broader and does not have any banding.

(Click to enlarge)
Cypraea comptoni.

I also found two little micro shells, the larger only 8mm long, I think these may be Ataxocerithium serotinum with the anterior canal and outer lip damaged.

(Click to enlarge)
Possibly Ataxocerithium serotinum


  1. What a thrill to find a rare shell like that. No cowrie currency in your part of the Pacific ;-))
    Happy hunting!

  2. I love that Cowrie shell particularly, everything about it is pleasing, the colour and shape.

  3. Thanks Tyto Tony - Not terribly rare but always a pleasure to find one in fairly good condition.

    Thanks Jenny - Yes it's a beautiful shell although not very big. It's just 23mm long

  4. Hi Alan,

    A beautiful cowrie shell!

    Also, I was curious whether you took that photo in the evening or near sunset?


  5. Thanks Chai - Photo was taken at 2:29pm but I see where you are coming from. It does have that 'Golden Hour' look about it.

  6. Nice comptoni!

    Pleased to report Tassie now has six cowry species following the recent reinstatement of Notocypraea subcarnea - quite rare and apparently endemic to Tasmania!

    (see - lots of images so bandwidth heavy)

  7. Thanks again Kevin - for that information. Very interesting too. I shall have to give all the cowries a second look from here on.

    Post above edited accordingly.