Monday, 11 August 2008

Backyard Birding - 5

Here are some more bird photos taken over the last few days. The Little Wattle Birds have been laughing behind my back for ages. They hang about the front yard all the time but as soon as I touch the door handle they are off. Anyone else can walk out and carry on noisily without bothering them. It's just me they like to taunt. Well this one looks rather surprised that I finally caught him out.

Little Wattlebird - Anthochaera chrysoptera

While doing some planting up the hill a pair of Scarlet Robins cames to investigate. This one landed, rather conveniently, on a star post just a few metres away and stayed long enough for me to take a few shots.

Scarlet Robin (Male) - Petroica boodang

Scarlet Robin (Male) - Petroica boodang

The Superb Fairywrens are here as always.

Superb Fairywren (Male) - Malurus cyaneus

...and I got another chance with a Wedge-tailed Eagle. It's a lot better than my last attempt. This one was being chased round in circles by a pair of Forest Ravens. The hard part was getting a clear shot through the trees.

Wedge-tailed eagle - Aquila audax


  1. That's a gormless-looking little wattle bird. They usually look a bit more devious than that. As if they're up to something ... Maybe that's the decoy?

  2. Super bird shots Mosura.
    That scarlet robin is great, rather like our redstart. Is that fairy wren 'superb' or is it's name 'Superb fairy wren' ?

  3. Hello Mosura

    What lovely shots of beautifully coloured birds. Can't wait for your next post!!

    Best wishes, Adrian

  4. The end product is so much more enjoyable when you've had to work for it a bit! (-: Great shot of the Wattlebird. The robin is just gorgeous. Reminds me alot of our stonechat in structure.

  5. The bird photos - as always! - are great. I especially liked the little robin.

  6. I reckon Little Wattlebirds make more funny noises than any other bird, always fun to listen to.

  7. Wattlebirds never behave 'properly' in front of the camera. To this day I still don't have a decent photo of Yellow or Red and have very few good ones of Little. I, too, love their funny voices and often stop by a tree just to listen to them 'talking'.

    Awesome photos of the tiny birds, Mosura! Is this your L lens? Very nice out-of-focus areas.

    I'm a bit envious about your daily eagle encounters :)

  8. Thanks Snail - Gormless - yes that's a good word for him :-)

    Thanks Warren - Yes 'Superb' is part of it's name and rather fittingly too.

    Thanks Adrian - Beautiful birds yes but the header on my blog says I'm supposed to be talking about moths. I might have to change that :-)

    Thanks Jenny - Yes I guess it is a bit like a big Stonechat :-)

    Thanks Mick - Glad you like them. The Robins are one of those birds are always exciting to see.

    Thanks Duncan - You're not wrong there. We here them at our front window all the time .

    Thanks Tilcheff - Yes they were taken with the 400mm L lens. Sea Eagles are pretty much daily here but the Wedge-tails are not too common although we seem to have had a few this in the last month or so.