Saturday, 12 July 2008

Shy Albatross

I had terrific views of an albatross from my backyard today. It was a Shy Albatross, Thalassarche cauta. The rough seas and onshore winds brought it very close into shore - no further than 50 m at times. I watched it for around 10 - 15 minutes as it flew back an forth and between the waves, it's wings often almost touching the water.

The hill at the backyard allows for views over the house, across the road, and out to sea. In the past we have seen large pods of Bottle-nosed dolphins and Humpback Whales from the yard. While not the best seawatching vantage point, it's certainly a most convenient one and I shall have to pay more attention in future to what passes by.

While I wish I had a lens capable of capturing the moment, for now at least that is not to be. Alas, the following photo is not my own.

Photo used under Creative Commons license © aaardvaark


  1. Great sighting - regardless of whether you had a suitable camera or not! Oh well, we can all have a wish list :-)

  2. Hi Mosura
    A nice sighting of the Albatross no doubt.
    Your birdstack listing of the "Swift Tern" had me going for a while.
    I am familiar with the new names of Orchids, but had not caught up with the bird names being revised (yet again).
    Dear, oh, dear. Is nothing sacred?

  3. Hi Mosura,

    I just saw that you have this little search box that limits the searches to only the Australian Nature Blogs. How did you do that?

    BTW, I am now copying one thing you did - I am building a Aussie Nature Blog list on my sidebar too.

    Cheers, Chai

  4. Thanks Mick - My wish list is pretty long. My wife reckons it will probably take 30 years to get to the bottom of it.

    Thanks Denis - Yeah whose heard of a Swift Tern. They'll always be Crested Terns to me.

    Thanks Chai - Good idea to have a list. It's good for all of us. I used the "Blog Roll" feature as it is automated. With regard to the Google search, it works automatically with the "Blog Roll". You can get the code here:

  5. Hi Mosura
    I have just posted a comment on Chai's site saying how glad I am that you showed us all how to use the "blog roll" feature.
    It works like a blog circle, except that we can each select the members we wish to link to. Terrific.
    Thanks for posting the search link too. I'll look into that.
    You have been very generous in sharing your tips and tricks.

  6. Always a thrill to see an albatross Alan, you've really got it all down there haven't you, bush and ocean, fantastic.

  7. To have such convenience for watching birds at sea and on the land - brilliant!

  8. Thanks Denis - I reckon things like that help us all in the long run.

    Thanks Duncan & Anonymous - Yeah it's not bad. To watch the sea from the back hill I'd be about 100m from shore plus what ever distance out the bird is. However, if I'm up there working away, it's worth having the nockies or scope nearby as you can certainly see some detail.

  9. Wow! what a bird, I love the way it's wing tip just touches the water.