Monday, 7 July 2008

Mothing - 7th July 2008

Well last night was very warm for the time of year. It didn't get any lower than 12° C which is warmer than most of our daytime temperatures have been of late. Six species came to the light trap.

The first two I have posted photos for previously. They are:

Uresiphita ornithopteralis (Tree Lucerne Moth)
Paralaea porphyrinaria

The other four are shown below:

Gastrina cristaria - FW 16mm

Idiodes apicata (A very variable moth) - FW 21mm

Unknown Geometrid - FW 13 mm

Unknown - Probably a Geometrid - FW 19mm


  1. Both series are great, mosura. Keep them coming and thanks for putting FWs in. It helps me greatly.

  2. Thanks JL. There are lots of moth pics on my two web sites (see top of side bar). There are also lots of broken links etc as I'm currently rebuilding the moth site. Most of our Tasmanian moths would be found in Victoria as well.

  3. Mosura,
    thanks for your kind comment on the fox's over at my blog. I like to hear about wildlife in far off places, especially the small stuff!
    Nice pics youv taken, i'll put a link on my site to yours. keep on posting!!

  4. Thanks Warren - I lived 8 years in the UK (Scottish Highlands) so I enjoy looking at a few British wildlife blogs/sites.

    I'll put a reciprocal link to you on my blog.


  5. Mosura, I've just been to your Moths & Butts of Tas. site. Well done! I love it. Link will be on my board shortly.

  6. Thanks JL - I still have a lot of work to do on it.