Friday, 4 July 2008

Mothing - 4th July 2008

It was clear last night and the light trap went on from about 6:30pm to midnight. During this time the temperature dropped from 8 °C down to about 2 °C. Again a solitary moth turned up. This time an Anthelid. I'm not too sure on which species as yet.

Anthela sp.

Anthela sp.

Anthela sp. - Detail from the the photo above


  1. Hi Mosura
    Great head on shots there.
    I wanted to congratulate you on your RSS type feed of Aussie Nature Bloggers. It is a very clever way of showing who is actively blogging.
    Duncan at Ben Cruachan Blog and I were discussing, via our "comments" sections, how to refine lists of Aussie Nature Bloggers, and I think your system is very good.
    I have not got that far myself, yet, but I have at least added a new links section for Aussie Nature Bloggers, but not "automated" like yours. I had a number of those blogs linked under "My Favourite Blogs", before, but have moved them into their own section. I still have some specialist blogs and reference Websites listed under Orchids and Fungi.
    I have never quite mastered those RSS feeds, which is what I assume you are using. I shall talk to someone locally about it. Failing that, in a few days I might post another comment, asking you to email me privately, for advice on how to set up that kind of system, if that's OK.

  2. Thanks.

    With regard to the Blog List, it's a new feature offered by Blogger and it's all automated.

    Click: Customize

    Click: Add a Page Element

    Clcik: Blog List (New!)

    I've also put a customised Google search above my Blog List where you can search all the Aussie mature blogs at one time.

  3. Oh... and that should read Nature blogs, not Mature blogs :-) I plan to keep a G rating.

  4. Good day Alan,

    I tried but couldn't find your email address. So I would just post here.

    First, I am SO SO SO IMPRESSED by your blog! For two reasons:

    First, you have obviously put in so much time and effort with the information and everything else! I find it easy to believe that you are an entomologist by profession.

    Second, the photos! I want to take photos like you do one day. They look like the ones that professional photographers take for biology textbook publishers. It is obviously your skill, but do you use an expensive, powerful camera too?

    Finally, I hope for the same as you do (You wrote "I hope this blog will at the very least encourage an interest our flora and fauna which we so often take for granted."), especially for the marine critters around Perth. People I talk to are very often under the impression that there is nothing at all in the Perth oceans, just water and sand. And that if you want to see anything, you would have to travel > 1000 km to Ningaloo or fly all the way to the Great Barrier Reef. I don't know why but I just feel unhappy about it. Possibly because I can't fly east or head north to Ningaloo easily (laughs). But, I want to show people that there are things to explore in our own backyard too!

    Cheers, Chai

  5. Thank you Chai for the compliment. I am just an amateur like yourself with a fascination for the natural world. I doesn't matter whether you are in Perth or Tasmania people are the same everywhere. When I lived in Scotland I would mention to people about the Red Squirrels, Otters, Pine Marten, Stoats or the Dolphins etc I had seen in the local area and they would look at me in disbelief. They had lived there all there live and never seen them. That is because they did not know how to look.

    With regard to my camera, I mostly use a Canon EOS 300D (Digitla SLR). Macro shots are mostly taken with a Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro lens.

  6. Ah, a person with a sense of humour, as well as fingers which sometimes hit the wrong keys. It happens, but you made it funny. as well.
    Thanks for the tip about making the list. I used the "Link list", but I have just checked, and I see now that it is self-updating, which is terrific. One up for the little Nerds at Blogger.
    Thanks for telling me how to find it.
    Sharing is a good quality in a Blogger. Much appreciated.

  7. Excellent photographs! I'm impressed with your moth collection :)