Saturday, 12 July 2008

Mothing - 10th July 2008

Not many moths of late as it has been rather cold and wet. Here's one from the 10th which I did not post. I have not had a chance to try to ID it. For now I will simply say it appears to be a Noctuid.

In the last shot the moth almost looks two-headed. Perhaps this is some kind of automimicry defense mechanism.

Edit: This moth turned out to be Pantydia diemeni

Dorsal view - FW18mm

Frontal view - Prominent dark mark above head

Lateral view - Wings not at rest. Antennae held under wings.


  1. You're right about the last photograph! Well designed defense :)

  2. Yes it is. You can just imagine a bird being left behind with nothing but a tuft of hair in it's beak while a rapidly balding moth drops to the ground (which a lot of noctuids do) and lives on to tell the story :-)