Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Moth Eggs

Moth eggs come in a diverse array of colour, size, and shape. I have found photographing such small objects quite a challenge as many are at the limit of what my equipment can handle. However, egg photography is a fascinating and rewarding project for anyone with an interest in moths.

Circopetes obtusata

Entometa fervens

Nisista serrata hatching - The red one at the back is a failed egg.

Opodiphthera helena - Helena Gum Moth

The hemispherical eggs of Sorama bicolor

Unknown - probably Epicoma sp.

Unknown species - each egg 0.5mm in diameter

The last photo is not of a Tasmanian species. I took the photograph in Scotland. I'll include it here as I like the fact that it show the eggs being laid.
Phragmatobia fuliginosa - Ruby Tiger ovipositing


  1. Fantastic photos Mosura!

  2. Thanks Duncan. Ome of these days I'd like to pat away the macro lens and get a decent microscope.

  3. Great shots - fascinating. Some are nearly as beautiful as the Moths!

  4. Good gosh, I find it hard enough to identify caterpillars - but you are going for their eggs! At least you caught one moth in the act. That helps.
    Nice Macro Work.
    Denis Wilson

  5. Thanks Gouldiae and Denis

    Sometimes I get the eggs from the moths I'm photographing. Other times I find eggs or caterpillars, rear them to get the moth and thus get the ID.

  6. These are terrific, mosura.

    Great records!

  7. Thanks JL - glad ya like 'em.

  8. Hello,
    I live in Northeast Tasmania and have been trying to find some helena eggs, pupae, or cocoons for the last couple of years. They are getting very scarce up here. Last year I saw 2 moths, 6 weeks apart. Do you have plenty down there? Could I get something (eggs, pupae, cocoons) that I could raise more from?
    I couldn't find an e-mail address. If you have something, how should I contact you?
    Thank You for any help!

  9. Hello silkspinner - No eggs at this time of year but if you send me an email I'll keep you in mind for later in the year.

    t a s l e p s @ g m a i l . c o m

    (remove the spaces - I don't want the spammers to pick up my address.)