Monday, 14 July 2008

Cradle Mountain (Without a Camera)

We enjoyed a trip to Cradle Mountain today. We actually tried to go last week but the road was closed due to snow. Todays weather was much better. There was still a bit of snow on the ground from last week but the roads were totally clear. The mountain itself was magnificent with a good covering of snow, brilliant white in the sunshine. You may like to see a photo but.... guess what? I left my camera at home. Have you ever noticed that there is a direct relationship between the distance from your camera and your chances of seeing something interesting. Today we seen at close hand Red-necked wallabies and a wombat just a few metres away. The others seen a possum sticking it's head out of a hole in an old myrtle tree. Aside from the usual friendly Black Currawongs, there was also a flock of Green Rosellas and Yellow throated honeyeater flitting about, landing just in front of me and actually begging me to take a photo. Oh well - there's always next time :-) At least I scored some good memories and a copy of the book "Fungi Down Under" from the park shop.

For now I'll just have to show a couple of photos I took last October.

Cradle Mountain a a cloudier day last October.

Black Currawong at Dove Lake (Cradle Mountain) last October

Tasmanian Native Hen at Dove Lake (Cradle Mountain) last October


  1. Snow - it makes me so jealous, considering it just won't snow in Perth :(


  2. OH NO, no camera! Photos from last year are still very good :) I was only joking about going for a walk up Cradle Mountain! Sounds like the weather isn't as harsh and your description of wildlife encounters are fabulous! AHA!! I'll be calling on you to identify fungi for sure...

  3. Thanks Chai - It snows most years in Perth Well that's the only Perth I've been to.

    Thanks Anonymous - ... Are you sure you don't want to go up there. Walkers the other day were reporting snow drifts up past their waste :-)