Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Blog Index

I'm experimenting with the idea of creating an index for this blog. One of the things that has put me off blogging in the past is the lack of structure. How do you know what a person has posted in the past without reading every post? I'm hoping this index will alleviate that problem. Of course there is not much in this blog at the moment but better to sort this out now than to wait until it's too big a job.

I've only placed a few entries in the index so far but will work on it later.

I will place a link in the side bar so that this post will always be readily accessible.

Edit: OK I've just discovered that Blogger won't allow me to use Shortcut Anchors so my index layout will not work. It works in preview mode but not in the final version of the post. I've also just realised that their is no reason for the index to be contained within the blog so I have uploaded it elsewhere. Click here for Index

There is still a link in the side bar.


  1. Hi Alan,

    I think it's a good idea too. So, did you have to create the index on a new website?

  2. Thanks Chai - I originally put the index in the blog post but the formating etc wouldn't work the way I wanted it to. I then deleted it and placed the index on my web site instead.

  3. Hi Mosura
    Gaye from the Hunter has a working Index on her Blogger blog.
    Hopefully she will drop by and share the secret with you.
    I use "labels" extensively, and also the Search function works very well "within" the blog one is on at the time.
    But for a quick scan of topics of interest, a simple index would be good.

  4. Are there other ways to do it? I don't have a personal website.

  5. hi Mosura,

    an index is a great idea, and some time ago I realised the need for one. I haven't got the time right now to check yours out in length, but will tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, you might like to check out mine. On the right-hand side of the page on my Nature Blog, I have a section for "Index - Find specific subjects easy". Alas, it is not up to date, but if you click on "orchids" you see how I have set it out. I don't know if it is working effectively, because I have had no feedback. I will be interested to compare your ideas with mine. I am always trying to improve.


  6. Gaye:

    Ah, you set it up as entries/posts.

  7. Thanks Denis, Chai, & Gaye

    I see your question has been answered Chai.

    Had a look at your index Gaye. That basically what I had except I wanted to use shortcut anchors in html if you know what I'm on about. They work in the preview but break after posting.

    In any case, one advantage of having an index on another site is that if I ever run out of room on the blog and have to start a second one, I can use the same index :-)