Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Backyard Birding - 3

I spent about 40 minutes this morning and again a little before sunset watching the birds in the garden. For a while I didn't think any birds were going to show up. After yesterdays weather, with snow down to 200m, they may have all packed their bags and left. Eventually the regulars did make an appearance - New Holland honeyeater, Yellow-throated honeyeater, Grey fantail and Collared sparrowhawk,

A flock of at least 5 Superb Fairywrens were busily foraging on the ground a few metres away and then among the sag and up into a flowering Coast Wattle. The male gave me a chance to improve on the shot I got the other day. It's the only reasonable quality photo for the day.

Superb fairy-wren Malurus cyaneus - Male breeding plumage

I was thinking how I hadn't seen the Yellow-tailed Black cockatoos for some time when not too long after, a flock of at least 6 flew by across the top of the hill. A little too far away for a good photo.

Yellow-tailed black cockatoos - Calyptorhynchus funereus

A immature White-bellied Sea-eagle flew in from the sea. This was my big chance for a good shot but I was too slow and the focus is not too good.

White-bellied Sea-eagle - Haliaeetus leucogaster

The best birds for the day were the pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles way way up the hill. Not a common sight here at all. I'll put this photo in just for a laugh as well as to make the other ones look better.

Wedge-tailed (Splodge) eagle - Aquila audax


  1. You have raised the bar too high on what's a 'good' bird photograph! My standards are anything that can be identified! HAHA!! Brilliant photographs, even the last one which had me laughing with glee of seeing such a great shot :)

    PS: Believing this is a backyard birding blog now ;)

  2. Thanks Anonymous

    PS: Believing this is a backyard birding blog now ;)"

    Oh you noticed :-) Yes I'm a bit preoccupied with the birds at the moment. The moths can wait.

  3. A PERFECT shot of the Fairy-wren! Your new lens is great for giving us glimpses of all your backyard birds. I look forward to more!

  4. hi Mosura,

    it seems that I can start my day viewing birds well before daylight now - most delightful :)

    I am always excited when the Wedgies fly over here too, as they don't often put in an appearance. They are simply splendid circling above, but I have never seen them dive on anything around here - now that really would be a treat.

    I saw about 10 pelicans fly by in a straight line a few days ago when I was sitting on the lounge - that was a real treat too.

    .....enjoying your bird encounters and photography.


  5. The wren photo is a stunner Mosura, but you know, I like the one of the cockies, the looks on the faces and those massive bills as they fly past, captures the bird beautifully.

  6. Thanks Mick - Yes the Fairy wren turned out better than the last attempt. Hopefully the next one will be just a little better again and so on infinitum :-)

    Thanks Gaye - best view I had of Wedge-tails was somewhere up near Hanging rock near a fire tower. The eagles were riding the thermals up the side of the mountain. From our viewpoint they would just suddenly appear right in front of us and then fly right over our heads. Where was my camera then?

    Thanks Duncan - I love the Black Cockies too. I still remember my excitement the first time I ever seen them. I was about 12 or 13 at the time and didn't have a clue what they were. I was watching a flock of about 30 or 40 through binoculars landing in a field behind the house. Awesome birds! I still run out of the house like a kid every time I hear them :-)

  7. Mosura, Hanging Rock is a great place for nature. We go up there for a couple of days every autumn fungi hunting - photography and observation, not eating - although people do get up there collecting odd and slimy fungi for eating purposes too. Hanging Rock had snow a week or so ago!

  8. Thanks Gaye - Yes it's a great area. I've been up around Sheba Dam area with over a foot of snow. Lived in Tamworth for a while and used to go up that way a lot.